................. .......................... On an ocean of tears, it's the life raft of laughter ..... that let's us float.

Cut Bait or Go Fishing

We are a group of friends, banding together to raise money for relief of the Haiti people. While searching for a way to get the most bang for everyone involved, we came across ShelterBox .
Shelterbox started in 2001 as a modest project by the Rotary Club of Helston-Lizard, England, and quickly garnered support among Rotary clubs worldwide. To date Shelterbox has raised $29 million and delivered aid to 40 countries in response to more than 70 disasters.

" Each box supplies an extended family of up to 10 people with a tent and lifesaving equipment to use while they are displaced or homeless. The contents are tailored depending on the nature and location of the disaster, with great care taken sourcing every item to ensure it is robust enough to be of lasting value.

The cost of a box is £490, including delivery direct to those who need it. Each box bears its own unique number so as a donor you can track your box all the way to its recipient country via the website ".

So ........ Dear friends, let us all raise just $10 bucks each , and pay for this message in a bottle. That's 80 people. If we raise more , we buy us another bottle shaped as a box. Let us all come together and tax ourselves to help the saddest people we will ever see.
Your $10 bucks will will shelter 10 people, give them a place to rest, prepare meals, and begin to gain sense of place. Every time we find another 80 people we buy another box.
We shelter 1 person for 44 cents a day for 6 months. You can follow that $10 bucks where ever it takes us.

To join the TM Fish Camp , click here.

$10.00 U.S. = 6.30 British pounds.

Google exchange rate page.

Update 1/29/2010

When we started this project , the one thing we focused on was
getting the most bang for our buck. We chose to contribute to the
British site because the fund raising fee was lower there, and the
cost of the Box was 25% lower.

This choice , however means that American donations to a British
charity are not tax deductible.

This oversight is mine, and mine alone.

Colorado Bob

If you would like add content to the site , contact me at :

coloradobob1 at mac dot com.

Friday, January 29, 2010

A Thank-You Note

Tonight on the dock, we had landed nearly $70,000.00 . $69,699.69 to be exact.

The Box count tonight is 87 . That's 870 Haitians. We are now 8717% of our first goal, which was one box.

This week , all of us put one village into Haiti. Tonight the moon is as big as it gets.

Now cut bait or go fishing.

A Message from ShelterBox


Your JustGiving page has been an unbelievable success and £38,000 is truly amazing! We are incredibly grateful for the support of you and everyone who has donated on your page. Your page has raised enough money for 80 boxes which will provide shelter, warmth and dignity for up to 800 people which is fantastic - if you could pass on our thanks to the people you know that have donated, I would be very grateful.

The way that JustGiving works is that once a page has been created, we will receive payments from them each week. You should receive a receipt with your first batch of box numbers soon. I hope this helps and once again, thank you so much for your fantastic efforts - they will make a huge difference to people who have lost everything.


Target: £500.00
Raised so far: £39,347.75 - 7870%

January 27, 2010
Craig Crawford on Shelter Boxes

Political Analyst Craig Crawford on why Shelter boxes for Haiti are a good bang for your buck.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Catch So Far

The latest total here.

From the ShelterBox site :
Please note: The Track Your Box section of the ShelterBox website is currently undergoing essential maintenance and as a result the Track Your Box feature is currently unavailable.
Track Your Box

As soon as this is up and running again I will update this item , I am as interested in this as anyone could be.

I am in a state of shock , to everyone here our deepest thanks.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Target: £500.00
Raised so far: £1,285.00 ( $2075.01 ) - 257%

Centre Sportif Dadadou (Port - au - Prince)

Families with newborn babies and pregnant women have been given emergency shelter by the ShelterBox Response Team operating in Haiti.

The Response Team have set up a ShelterBox camp for up to 1,000 people on the Henfrasa sports field in Delmas, Port au Prince, Haiti, providing emergency shelter for the most in need and the most vulnerable.

ShelterBox Response Team member and General Manager Lasse Petersen said: ‘We agreed with the local community that the initial tent allocation would be for families with pregnant women and families with newborns.

‘We’re prioritising women and children, providing disaster relief tents, blankets, water containers, children’s packs and kitchenware, basically enough to set up families who have lost everything.

‘The Dutch marines have been very helpful for us in providing storage at Port au Prince airport as well as providing security to our team during the distribution of aid. There are hundreds of thousands of people left homeless but this is the first of our deliveries with
many thousands more to come.’

Shelterbox News

Monday, January 25, 2010

Gerry the Piano Man

My friend Larry's found art fish

Target: £500.00
Raised so far: £1,171.60 - 234%

2 1/3 boxes

Part of this project is to follow these boxes as far as we can here. One of our group , lost her father last week . So let us name our first box shaped bottle Gerry the Piano Man in memory of Renee's dad.

I came across this item this morning, from someone on the ground in Haiti -

I drove back to our camp just after dark a couple of nights ago, rushing to meet our own night-time curfew. At street corner after corner, people had blocked access to their blocks by placing stones in the way. They didn't want vehicles rushing blindly in and injuring sleeping families. I looked up these blocks and saw winding ribbons of re-created bedrooms, demarcated with bedsheets and string, as far as my eyes could see in the dark.

Relief in Haiti

I find it pretty amazing that a small group of people who may never see each other , get together to help a small group of people they will never meet. I thank each and everyone of us for these small steps.

I'm looking forward to receiving an email shortly about our first box. In the meantime I'm making us a map for Haiti. Gerry the Piano Man is about to be a push pin in our map here.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Runnin' Our Trot Line

We did it folks, we bought us one of these boxes in less than a week . Here's the tally tonight -

Target: £500.00
Raised so far: £534.90 – 107%

Plus another $220.00 coming via snail mail.

And a football bet of some kind.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

More canoes tying up

11:15 central Sat. Jan. 23 -

Target: £500.00
Raised so far: £383.60 77 %

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Fish Count so far

Target: £500.00
Raised so far: £145.30
- 29%

TM Fish Camp Donation page

Monday, January 18, 2010

Box Tracker Map

View The TM Fish Camp in a larger map

Where we're coming from -